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Bouncing with Benefits

Crackerjacks purchased a heavy duty trampoline for a little girl suffering from multiple complex disabilities. The bouncing movement from the trampoline helps with balance adjustments. Millie's Mom says;  

''Millie loves her trampoline ! We've now reached two weeks without night time cramps/ pains in Millie's leg which is due to using the trampoline morning and evening even if it's only for 10/15 per session. Millie is learning how to fall safely ( putting hands down to stop her face from hitting the ground ) she is now starting to jump and actually pull both feet at the same time instead of a hop type jump. Millie's words were im so happy! She constantly has a huge smile on her face while using the trampoline. And we've noticed a reduced stiffness in her affected side. And she's alot happier in herself.'' 

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