What We Do

Crackerjacks Children’s Trust believes that every child, whatever their needs, has the right to participate fully in their community and to have the same choices,  opportunities and experiences as other children, to make local friends, and to access, play, leisure and recreational facilities. 

Families with children that are differently able often find it more difficult with
everyday life as they often have to live in unsuitable housing,  they cannot get out and about, and they cannot access childcare that would enable them to go to work and break out of poverty. 

It costs on average twice as much to raise a child with an impairment as a non-disabled child. The main areas of additional expenditure are transport, toiletries, bedding, food, replacing damaged household items, special toys and equipment. C
hildren that are differently able and their families suffer from social exclusion often as a result of a combination of linked problems, including poverty, segregation, discrimination and inadequate provision of support services. 

Of all families in the UK who care for children that are differently able, 30 per cent either are or have been living in poverty. A fifth of families with children that are differently able are also reported to be living in cold, damp housing in poor repair.  Crackerjacks were established to help relieve the stress and strains in life that coping with a children's disability can cause. We are dedicated to our objectives and offer any parent, care worker or guardian to contact us for further information on how we can be of assistance. All cases will be reviewed individually and assessed by our grants welfare office and trustees.


Applications are considered up to £700. 

Please note:

  • Applications can take up to three months to be assessed.

  • The charity has no obligation to provide reasons for any rejected applications.

  • All communications regarding an application will only be dealt with by post or email to grants@crackerjacks.org.uk


To obtain an application form please contact 0300-124-0122 

or you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

OUR GOAL FOR 2022 is £125,000



This will allow the charity to supply the following:
  • 6 x Special Adapted Wheelchairs
  • 5 x Special Trikes
  • 5 x Walking Frames
  • 3 x Soft Play Areas
  • 3 x Shower Wheelchairs
  • 2 x Wet Rooms
  • 42 x Respite Breaks
  • 20 x Sensory Toys
Some of the grant applications in progress can be seen below, all of our funds are for disabled children throughout the United Kingdom.

Just Some of Our Children That Are Differently Able And Need Crackerjacks Help in 2022