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Crackerjacks Safeguarding Policy

Crackerjacks Children’s Trust upholds a safeguard Code of Conduct Policy:

Crackerjacks Children’s Trust operates a Safeguarding Code of Conduct which outlines the behaviour expected of all our staff, volunteers, and trustees. If our staff, members, volunteers or trustee engage with other organisations that engage with children and adults at risk the underpinning principles of the code are that:

1.      The welfare of all children and adults that are at risk is paramount at all times

2.      It is the responsibility of all our staff, volunteers, members and trustees to behave with integrity, maturity and good judgement at all times

Crackerjacks code of safeguarding practice serves three primary purposes:

1.      To help to protect children and adults at risk from abuse and/or inappropriate behaviour from any or other individuals

2.       To clarify the standards of behaviour are required of staff, members, volunteer’s and trustees at all times

3.      To reduce the possibility of unfounded allegations of abuse against staff, members, volunteers and trustees.

It is the responsibility of all Crackerjacks staff, members, volunteers and trustees to ensure that their behaviour meets the standards of this code of conduct at all times. Any code breaches must be reported directly to the liaison officers Mr Terry Bull.

These principles must be met and adhered to at all times. From time to time we may have young children visit our premises or we may be required to visit a place of education or a nursery, no member of staff should put themselves in a situation of vulnerability, you must never at any time be left alone with unsupervised children or adults at risk. You must make this clear to a senior person responsible for the children or adults at risk.

Staff, members or volunteers who are found to have breached this code of conduct may be subject to serious disciplinary procedures, which will if needed, be reported to the police or any other safeguarding authorities. Any breach of the safeguarding code involving volunteers or members of staff from another organisation will result in them being reported to the appropriate safeguarding officer within that organisation and all necessary action will be taken.

Should any member of staff, Volunteer or trustee be required to work with children or adults at risk on a regular basis, you will be required to undergo and complete an application for a CRB & DBS check.

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