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Special Needs Holiday Home for 2018

Crackerjacks Children’s Trust is very proud to announce that we are currently raising funds for our new Special Needs Holiday Home Project to be located in the Southwest of the UK.

This facility will be a breakthrough for Crackerjacks due to the increase in applications for respite breaks we are looking for additional donations so with your help we will be able to support more disabled children and their families in this unique special needs holiday home. The adapted holiday home will be a total cost of around £120,000 including the first years running costs.

Visualisation of our Holiday Home

Our holiday home will be adapted and equipped with:

  • Main entrance ramp

  • Level access shower/wet room

  • Adapted kitchen/dining area

  • Wider-than-standard doorways

  • Fixed or tracked hoist(s)

  • Level or ramped access to the garden

We are hoping to have the holiday home up and running by summer 2018 and will be in use through most of the year giving disabled children and their families a well-deserved rest.

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