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Thanks from Brainwave

Crackerjacks have received thanks from children's charity Brainwave for our generous grant of £500 towards helping disabled children in their care. Founded in 1982, the organisation focuses on helping and supporting children with various mentail impariments including cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome, and autistic spectrum disorders. As well as assisting affected children with learning development, Brainwave also aims to improve their mobility and communication skills through physical and educational therapies.

As a result, they recently approached us for funding in support of a therapy equipment library. This would provide children with therapy exercises with the aid of tools that can be used by the children's parents. Crackerjacks awarded £500 towards this equipment, and have just received a letter of thanks from Margaret Preece, the supervisor of marketing and fundraising at Brainwave, congratulating us on our commitment to the cause. With our continuing support, organisations like Brainwave can help more disadvantaged children in the UK, ensuring them with a better quality of living. For more information, visit the following link.

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