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Making a Difference for Millie

Crackerjacks purchased a leaf chair and a ball posture chair for Millie.

Mom says:

''Good afternoon, Crackerjacks kindly awarded my disabled child Millie a leaf swing chair and frame and a ball bounce chair. Millie has got on great with both these items more so the leaf swing chair as when she's feeling upset or low she now takes her self off to the seat and happily swings on the seat reading her harry potter book, she comes off the swing more happy and calmer so a big thankyou to your charity for allowing Millie to be able to control her arousal levels a bit more.

Millie also happily after school and before she goes out of a morning sits on the ball chair bouncing away chatting telling u about her day out at school or what she's looking forward to doing that morning ,so yet again she gets stimulation from bouncing and swinging. One happy child, thankyou for your kindness.''

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