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Crackerjacks latest achievement has been helping out a family and their son who suffers from being heavily disabled. Daniel has a severe form of cerebral palsy, which has left him with significant learning and motor issues, As a result, he has difficulty in talking, cannot properly operate switches, and has problems moving his arms and legs.

Daniel's parents have put their case forward to other organisations, including Crackerjacks, asking for specialised equipment in order to help their son. Daniel requires an advanced computer that utilises eye movement to register communication; meaning he will be able to play, learn, and most importantly have a healthy, happy communicating life with his family and friends.

We at Crackerjacks Childrens Trust have managed to secure a donation of £1000 towards Daniel's cause. The total cost of the specialised computer hardware, as well as additional items including sensory teaching lessons and other electronic equipment comes to over £8000. With our donation money, Daniel was able to obtain these items and now enjoys a much better quality of living.

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