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Another achievement for Crackerjacks!

Our charity team at Crackerjacks have contributed to yet another family, in support of their children. We recently received a grant application from Emma Murphy requesting specialised equipment for her son. Hugh, 4 1/2 years old, suffers from several medical conditions that require a significant amount of support for his day-to-day living. In particular, he requires a suitable chair to maintain good posture.

Emma appealed to us for a P-Pod Bean Seat, designed specially for orthopedic care and for those with mobility issues. The chair itself cost £554 from the manufacturer's website; in addition, Emma has also requested a growth liner for the seat which cost £140. As a disabled children's charity, we were more than happy to oblige, and sent an order for both of these products. The total cost came to just under £700.

Now, Hugh can enjoy a much more relaxing and comforting home environment, as this chair will provide therapy for both his posture and general well-being. The P-Pod Bean Seat also allows Hugh to sleep in an upright position, a fact that will assist with his breathing which he also has trouble with.

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