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Playtime for Luke!

As an organisation dedicated to helping out disabled children, we welcome any cases brought forward to us. Most recently, the mother of a young disabled boy was a candidate for our charity.

Lesley and her son Luke have come forward for our assistance in purchasing a grant for specialised equipment. Luke has been diagnosed with autism and suffers from sensory overloading when in certain environments such as a public park. Wanting to give her son the enjoyment and freedom of playing in a park, Lesley has requested a climbing frame to be installed in her garden, complete with swings and slides. This will give Luke all the fun of being in a playpark, without having to worry about unstable environments.

Thanks to our support and funding, we at Crackerjacks were able to supply a 'Meadowside Climbing Frame' (costing £400) to Lesley, giving both her and her son freedom of peace, and a better quality of life.

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