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More support for families

We have currently supproted the parents of two disabled young children in obtaining specialised equipment. Darcey and Ellito G both suffer from impariments that require the usage of sensory toys and homeware in order for them to have an optimum standard of living.

We at Crackerjacks received a grant application form from Angela, the mother of these two children, requesting for specialised equipment to assist Darcey and Elliot for their development. We were more than happy to oblige, and have managed to acquire several pieces of gear designed for children with sensory issues. These include a weighted blanket for sleeping, as both children have trouble sleeping in standard environments, as well as light sensitive lamps and vibrating pillows.

Our charity is dedicated to giving disabled children and their families the comfortable life they deserve, and with this equipment, both Darcey and Elliot can enjoy a more nurturing, relaxed, living space.

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