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Delio Gets His Trike

Crackerjacks have supported the Brittle Bones Society by awarding a grant to buy specialised equipment for a child suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). Our grant has been used to purchase a tricycle for young Delio, 7 years old, who the BBS has been sponsoring. The tricycle itself cost £1094, with our combined funds of £794 supplying towards it. With our continuing backing, children such as Delio will be able to enjoy a better quality of living.

The Brittle Bone Society was founded in 1968 to protect and support people afflicted with a rare disorder named Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI); a genetic mutation that affects the production of collagen in the body. While mainly causing brittle, easily fractured bones in a person, OI’s other symptoms include weak muscles, hearing loss, brittle teeth, and short stature. There are several degrees of severity that affect people, but the BBS is dedicated to helping anyone suffering from it.

Since the organisation’s conception over 40 years ago, the BBS have hosted and supported a number of events aimed to raise awareness about OI, as well as to raise money to help research and combat the disorder. However, being a charity, they receive funding and grants from other organisations to keep up their support. In the past, they have applied for grants from BBC Children in Need, Lloyds TSB Foundations, and most recently, a £15,000 grant from Scottish Government core fundings.

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