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Life for Leah

Crackerjacks have been spending time in aid of a Midlands girl, Leah Perry, who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Michelle and Peter Perry have been gaining support from local venues and business for their daughter Leah, who is afflicted with a rare genetic disorder that has severely limited her mobility and speech.

Her parents hope to raise enough money to pay for a state-of-the-art computer system that utlises eye movement to generate speech and text on-screen. The Tobii I-Series computer, which is not available through the NHS, costs £12,000, prompting Michelle and Peter to put their case forward to many charities. So far, local social clubs and venues such as Bewdley Leisure Centre have held events in order to raise money for young Leah.

We at Crackerjacks are currently aiming to make a donation of £2000. Click here for more information on Leah and her story.

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