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Aspen's on Wheels!

As part of Crackerjacks ethics for helping families with disabled relatives, we are proud to announce our recent assistance for parents of a young autistic boy. Aspen, 3 years old, suffers from several physical and mental impairments that require the usage of car seats and mobile buggies. We have previously worked with Aspen’s parents to donate a pushchair as a means of transport. Now, our trust has managed to secure more equipment in order to help out his mother, Natasha, who appealed her case to us.

As part of our grant to Natasha and her son, they will receive a ‘Breezi Highchair’ for comfort and support as Aspen’s current highchair is not very safe. In addition, he will receive a RECARO 5point harness for car seating. This easily fitted, stable seat will provide Aspen with a better quality of living, as well as allowing Natasha to breathe easy after getting financial support from Crackerjacks Children’s Trust. For more information on Aspen and his family, please click here.

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